Read our disclaimers before using servers

Prohibited Activities

At RDPSchool, we are committed to ensuring that all our services are used for lawful and ethical purposes. To maintain a safe and responsible online environment, we strictly prohibit the following activities on our servers. Unless written permission is obtained from us for any specific cases, these activities are considered illegal, harmful, malicious, or could potentially increase server loads.

  1. Use of IRC Bots: The deployment of any kind of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) bots is not allowed.
  2. DDoS, DoS, and Brute Force Tools: Usage of tools designed for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Denial of Service (DoS), or brute force attacks is strictly prohibited.
  3. E-mail Spamming Tools: Any form of email spamming tools, such as AMS or TurboMailer, is not allowed.
  4. Hosting Game Servers: We do not permit the hosting of game servers on our servers.
  5. Hacking, Cracking, and Carding: Engaging in hacking, cracking, or carding activities is not allowed.
  6. Mail Bombers: Using mail bombers to flood email accounts is prohibited.
  7. Sniffers: Any type of network traffic sniffing software is not allowed.
  8. IP Spoofers: Using IP spoofers to manipulate network traffic is strictly prohibited.
  9. Port Scanners: Deployment of port scanning tools to identify vulnerabilities is not allowed.
  10. Telnet or SSH Access Scripts: Any scripts or programs designed to gain unauthorized access to servers through Telnet or SSH are prohibited.
  11. Use of UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Boards): Hosting or using UBB software on our servers is not permitted.
  12. Fake Login Pages: Creation and usage of fake login pages for deceptive purposes is prohibited.
  13. Resource-Hogging Software: Software that excessively consumes CPU resources (more than 25%) is not allowed.

Violation of Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

In addition to the specific prohibited activities listed above, the following actions are considered violations of our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP):

  1. Illegal Use: This includes using our services in any manner that violates Indian, state, local, or international laws, transmitting copyrighted material without authorization, and violating export control regulations, among other illegal activities.
  2. Malicious Activity: This encompasses intentionally disrupting the regular operation of the services, attempting to access unauthorized systems, hosting deceptive materials for phishing, running password cracking software, distributing viruses, and other malicious activities.
  3. Promotion of Illicit Activity: Promoting activities prohibited by Indian, state, local, or international law, spreading computer viruses or damaging programs, or engaging in fraudulent activities is strictly forbidden.
  4. Unsolicited Bulk Electronic Mailing: Sending unsolicited commercial or bulk emails is prohibited. Subscribers must only send bulk electronic mail to recipients who have expressly requested to receive such emails and must adhere to all applicable laws.
  5. Spamming and Related Activities: This includes posting commercial, political, or advertising content to public forums, issuing unsolicited trackbacks for promotional purposes, providing DNS resolution for unsolicited bulk electronic mailing, and hosting destination sites linked from unsolicited bulk electronic mailing.
  6. Abuse: Consistently overusing shared resources to the detriment of other subscribers, operating open proxy servers, using the service for IRC-related activities, running scripts commonly used for abuse or attacks, posting threatening, harassing, or obscene content, and allowing unauthorized access to the service are considered abuse and are not allowed.
  7. Insufficiently-Secure Administration: Using weak passwords, allowing unauthorized third parties to establish root or user-level access, and operating open mail relays are all considered insufficiently secure administration practices and are not permitted.
  8. Miscellaneous: This section outlines additional activities that are banned on our servers. This includes running an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server, conducting Denial of Service Attacks (DOS/DDOS), unnecessary port scans, mail bombing, causing excessive CPU load, abusing server resources, and violating resource usage policies.

Please note that these policies are in place to ensure the security, stability, and integrity of our services and servers. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].